The Perfect Wallet for Your iPhone!

Get rid of your bulky wallet and carry your essentials stylishly attached securely to your iPhone or safely in your pocket

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The perfect minimalist wallet for your iPhone or pocket
Don’t have a MagSafe IPhone? Have an older IPhone or Android?
We’ve got you covered!

Slim Design

Our RFID MagSafe Wallets simply click magnetically & securely to your iPhone for a minimalist and convenient way to carry your cards & ID on the go. Or slip our wallet easily in your pocket.

Secure and Convenient

Your MagSafe Wallet is RFID enabled, protecting your cards while keeping them organized and easily accessible. Say goodbye to a bulky and worn cluttered wallet! Customize it to match your style!


Combine the benefits of our practical wallet with your own personalized style. Choose a laser engraved design or provide a photo of your choice. We can assist you with any photo.

Our Story

After years of carrying bulky wallets that only deteriorate over time, our MagSafe Wallets easily attaches to your iPhone or just slide it into your pocket. Our innovative design combines functionality and style to provide you with the ultimate minimalist customized wallet solution.

Why Choose MagSafe Wallets?

Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and RFID security with our innovative, anodized premium metal wallets, that securely attaches magnetically to your iPhone. Yes, there are other minimalist MagSafe wallets available, but none that feature a personalized laser engraving and holds 6 or more cards and is made from a strong but lightweight metal construction!

Personalized Style

With our customizable options, you can express your unique style and make a statement with your MagSafe Wallet. Choose your color and choose your pattern, to reflect your personality.

Get Your MagSafe Wallet Today

Upgrade your wallet game and simplify your life with our innovative RFID enabled MagSafe Wallets!

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