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The perfect wallet for your iPhone



Personalize your wallet with your favorite colors and patterns. Choose from a wide range of options to create a wallet that matches your style.


Slim Design

Our wallet is designed to be sleek and slim, fitting perfectly on the back of your iPhone. Say goodbye to bulky wallets and hello to a more streamlined lifestyle.


Secure and Convenient

With our wallet, you can securely store your credit cards, driver’s license, and more. The attachment to your iPhone ensures that your essentials are always within reach.

Why Choose MagSafe wallets?

Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and security with our innovative wallet attachment for your iPhone.

Personalized Style

With our customizable options, you can express your unique style and make a statement with your MagSafe wallet. Choose colors, patterns, and materials that reflect your personality.

Compact & Versatile

Our MagSafe wallets are designed to be compact, yet versatile, providing a sleek solution for carrying your essentials without compromising on functionality.

Get Your MagSafe Wallet Today

Upgrade your wallet game and simplify your life with our innovative RFID enabled MagSafe Wallets!

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